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Welcome to SAOL Solutions Ltd.

If you are an engineering company looking to automate and streamline your IT tasks, you have come to the right place!


  • Are you spending too much time keeping customers up to date with their order status?
  • Are you spending more time quoting than actually doing your work?
  • Are you drowning under loads of paperwork?
  • Do you keep having to spend time and money on remanufacturing because something wasn’t to Drawing or to Issue?
  • If you want to take the repetition and duplication out of your paperwork and data entry then Click find out more


    We create customized system software tailored specifically to the engineering industry which works with your existing processes and even uses existing spreadsheets, databases, lists and documents.

    We provide databases for prices and contacts and can also seamlessly integrate your CAD packages so that CAD drawings can be linked to documents and can be stored and found again easily.